Already you want me, oh woman... in spite of me

If you still love, in spite of me
In spite of me, you'll go on crying to the full moon.
You are feeling so many things in spite of me
I am not a bastard and I am not either a liar,
so I am not a stupid as you always thought.
The truth is I don't love you yet
since long time ago, since you got far away,
although you loved me couldn't get the safety I needed
remember you didn't want be a mother again, in spite of me

If already want me, oh woman, in spit of me
I let you down crying all that you want
I cried before but you didn't heard me
If you won't survive without love
Get up on your feed and let me alone
cos I won't listen your apologies at all.

2 comentaris:

  1. If you don't love yet
    don't hurt the woman
    if you know she loved and still loves you.

    Be a friend. Don't forget a big person it is when she is a mother and when she isn't too.

  2. Bonica, i és que la vida real supera la ficció.. una intuició, un somriure, un vestit vermell, Jacques, un asesí, un policia com no la puta i uns calzotets..jaja estaven tots els ingredients de vodevil...els jocs i l'alegria ens donen l' energia i bonhumor per prendre la vida i els moments intensament..
    Gràcies per veure la vida com un conte i per fer els contes més reals.. t' estimo molt XXXXX



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